इस Diet Plan से किसी भी बीमारी का इलाज संभव | Subah Saraf | Satvic Movement

Watch Part 1 (detox video) here – Watch this video in English – रेसिपी बुक (recipe book) यहाँ खरीदे …

Custom Keto Diet

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  1. U doing very gud job My lovely Subah, Beautiful name, beautiful soul and beautiful work u doing baby..God knows who are those stupid fellows, giving dislike to ur video…No gentleman could criticize and defame your video…U doing really great dear,, I'm really proud of u..God bless u..Keep Growing..👍

  2. I have replaced my diet mostly of 1 time with fruits and sometimes 2nd time with salad and vegetables. I have done wet pack also sometimes since last 4 months. I have lost around 6.5 kgs but now if I eat oily food then my stomach aches and I feel uneasy on eating refined floor too. It doesn't use to happen when I didnt have any control on my diet since so many years. Why is it so now?

  3. Mashroom,peyaj, lahsun, panchforan, kalonji yeh sab kya Kabhi nhi Khana hai.
    Yeh sab bhi to prakiti se hi aata hai. Or daal horsh,rajma,chana,urad,mung in sare chijo Ka test nhi le sakte hai.ek healthy bekti k liye ek healthy eating habits bataye jisme hum sab benifits le sakte hai.

  4. आप बहुत अच्छी बातें बताती है
    आपकी टिप्स को मैं भी फॉलो कर रहा हूं
    आगे भी कुछ ऐसी अच्छी-अच्छी बातें बताते रहना प्लीज

  5. I have some dark spots on my face so i tried this diet and fasting.. but on day 2 at bedtime i felt extreme hunger and dizziness, so i ate whole packet of bread with butter and sugar at night(I binged badly)! I think this is happening because i’m also doing heavy high intensity weight lifting at gym, n i also walk a lot!

  6. माँ prkarti ki.. श्रेष्ठ पुत्री.. kyaa jo log.. milk ko like kerty hai.. bo kyaa kry.. sbkuch tho milk mai present rhtaa h.. phir usky binaa kesy
    .rh skty h.. healthy?

    ek बात or jo log.. abbi.. दोड दुप kerty hai bo tho खा hi skty h..

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