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झटपट चिकन बिरयानी कुकर में | Bachelors Recipe – Chicken biryani in Cooker | Easy Chicken Biryani

PRODUCTS THAT I USE: Dabur Tomato Puree : Dabur Ginger Garlic Paste: Dabur Kewra Water: My Voice …

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  1. आधे पौने घण्टे के लिए तो इसने चिकन मैरिनेट करवाया
    ओर बिरयानी झटपट🤣

  2. thank you so much sir for this wonderful recipe😍 actually I have made chicken Biryani for the very first time and everybody loved it and that is because of you, because you explained everything in a very convenient way..so thank you sir for this special recipe and I really appreciate your recipes..thnx again..

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