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मछ्ली बनाने का नया तरीका | indian food recipes| fish cooking #shorts | fish recipes

About This channel : Market food – brings you fun food ideas and Show street food market – market food – brings you fun food ideas and recipes for your cooking …

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  1. Better rahey ga yeh video starting mey dhayan sey dekho un fishes ka mouth close hota hey but jey sey he oil mey jatey he unka mouth khul jata hey….means wo alive the painful death or phir aaisey log corona sey marey to dukh kes baat ka acha he hey

  2. Ese agar kise insan k sth kia jaye tb pta chale dard kya hota h environment k sth chedakhani mat kro coz agar environment n tumare sth ek bi mjk kia to tum kahi k ni rahoge……..for ex corona

  3. अन्न खाने वाला मानव है और मांस खाने वाला कुत्ता कहलाता है।जो दोनों चीजों को खाता है वह राक्षस कहलाता है।

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