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वेज रॉल टिक्की, जो नाश्ता भी है और खाना भी । Whole Wheat flour Veg Roll Tikki for snacks and meal

आटे और वेजीज से बनी रॉल टिक्की, veg roll tikki, Whole Wheat Flour roll Recipe, Whole Wheat Flour roll Recipe, snacks with wheat flour, easy…

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  1. Nisha mam aap meri favourite ho aur aap jo bhi banati hai is really very very very very very very very superb meeta wow Namkeen wow me aap ki fan hu me bhi aap ke jaise banna chahti hu

  2. Tried this recipe today … It's fabulous 😍
    Tip: 1. Add ajawain to the flour to increase the taste
    2. Avoid tomato 🍅 in the stuffing, it makes the flour wetty and therefore makes the tikki improper in shape

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