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✨2020 HEALTHY MEAL PREP: Cheap, Easy & Tasty for WEIGHT LOSS‼️ 80LBS GONE 🤯

Hey friends! It’s Sashelle In Shape AKA Judith Sashelle. In this video I will be going over my meal prep routine. I lost 80 pounds by following a quick and easy …

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  1. Hey Sashel, I'm really excited to follow your journey. I always love when I can find Haitian girls losing weight because I can't imagine eating anything besides diri xD

  2. Just found you and subscribed….I watched your first video and you are my height (I'm 5'5) and my goal weight (155ish)…Great inspiration, Beautiful…..I'm rooting for you, Boo! Keep it up…

  3. So , I work with kids at a playschool and i can be good before And during work but when it's their snack and lunch time , all the food and snacks they bring really makes me hungry and crave unhealthy food really really bad , and I end up going home after and eating something super bad 😭 it's to the point where I want to change jobs lol , can you make a video on how to cope with binge eating if you were able to overcome that and how to be strong when temptation is so close , I know it's okay to eat bad sometimes but for people like me , my mind doesnt understand that I should only have a little of that bad thing , I'll have the whole damn thing , thank you❤

  4. Meal prep is awesome, video needed to be slowed done and much longer! We don't mind longer videos as long as they are informative! 👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏾

  5. Hi… on your 80 lbs. weight loss video at the end you mentioned that your next video was going to he about "how to go about the lose skin" after a big weight loss. Do you still plan to make/post that video? Thanks!!!

  6. I love it sis thank you so much. I’m currently over weight and me, I’m from the Caribbean too I need to go on a healthy lifestyle. I’ll be starting my journey in 7 days starting today . I need to loose like ah whole lot.

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