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  1. Ghost chicken

    It's a Jingpo dish. Listen to the old Jingpo people say:

    "One day, their ancestors went hunting in the mountains, went to many people and only caught a chicken.

    So they cooked the chicken and ripped it into small pieces and mixed it into spicy cold dishes.

    The chicken soup was cooked with rice to make porridge. Before boiling, it was found that the porridge was not enough to drink.

    We took some wild vegetables from around and put them in the pot to cook together. Finally, we found that they tasted good unexpectedly.

    There's Jingpo Porridge as a delicacy.

    Chicken salad, chicken soup and porridge

    It's delicious and not wasteful.

    So ghost chicken and Jingpo porridge often appear on the table at the same time.

  2. That chicken soup with rice is called "aruzcaldo" here in the Philippines. That's famous, especially in feeding programs. Kaway-kaway sa kapwa Pinoy Jan! 😀

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