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(笋)Best Time of Year to Comsume Juicy and Tender Bamboo Shoots; Pick As Much As You Like|Liziqi

Liziqi Channel——Bamboo Shoots 嫩生生的笋子正值最好吃的时候,拔一背篓都不嫌多院儿里最美的时候到了呀, 花都开好了呀! 锅仔也该剪羊毛了呀!…

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  1. I am from kerala( India 🇮🇳) i like your videos we both are from different nations and we have different cultures and different food habits bt still i love your cooking because your way of preparing food is really nice…. I am a bigg fan of you❤

  2. I wish a long life for our princess liziqi and to your grandmother also. You're lucky to have a grandmother who support you. Since I was a child I never met my grandmother because she died before I met her. Don't mind those people who criticised you❤️

    -greeting from the Philippines 😊

  3. There is BIG different between real and fake, and this girl with all of her video is real….U can see how she did all of the job naturally, when I or maybe U can't do that

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