Due to popular demand, I am not only back with another collab with the lovely Natasha Summar but we are collaborating on light and easy meals for the warmer …

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  1. Bonjour French Chic Ladies
    I hope you enjoy tonight's collab video with the lovely Natasha Summar see her Channel here
    You can watch her video in this collab here and you can join her on instagram here
    Please pop over to Natasha's Channel, subscribe and say Bonjour from me. Natasha is a lovely lady and has been on the most incredible life changing journey, she deserves a big French Chic Community Welcome 🤗😘

  2. Marie-Anne this was a pleasant surprise; I see by the date I missed the enjoyable experience with you in your fabulous 300 year old kitchen when it was posted! Since you asked, yes! our appetizers are often similar! Sausages, olives, nuts, fruits, cheeses. I also use puff pastry and the next time will make your nifty cheese twists; can't wait to try them!👍🏼 Thank you. ❤🍷🍷

  3. Bonjour Marie, You mentioned your cottage is small. Are you a minimalist or do the French like to live that way? Either way, I like it. I love to have less pieces but that make me happy (from my travels).

  4. Bon soir, Marie-Anne. A question: why are mixed nuts called Dry Fruits in the recipe? Can this also be made with dried fruits, such as raisins, dried cranberries, dried cherries, etc.? Merci bien!

  5. Marie-Anne, thank you! It all looked lovely and it's always good to slow down and enjoy and share good food and conversation.
    I'm intrigued; you have an Aga in your Normandy cottage! So many people in France use Agas? I sort of thought that you would have La Canche or something similar! All best to you! X

  6. Our apéro goes like this for our family and friends, every Friday evening we meet at my mother's gazebo from May to October. Everyone brings an appetizer and some wine or beer. We will have some cheese, maybe baked brie with nuts and jam serve with baguettes, bruschetta, cackers, polish coil, dip, veggies, maybe chicken wings, nachoes and grapes. It's a time to gather and share about our week and have a few laughs. Sometimes we play cards. There's about 10 of us. I look forward to it every week . A little tradition we started 6-7 years ago. I live in Canada, so in the winter we meet less, but we will sometimes have a fondue as a apéro dinatoir.

  7. Bon appetit! This was a wonderful video to watch to get some great ideas for appetizers. I will most definitely have to make these for my husband and I. Merci ❤

  8. Bonjour Marie-Anne! I really enjoyed this little video. We have aperitivo here at home ( my husband is half italian) usually an Aperol spritz, accompanied by olives and salume. I love your cheese straws and I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to pinch your recipe! 😉

  9. OMG!!! LOVE THIS VIDEO. You prepare with care and love. Very calming to watch how you prepare slowly and with intention. Every recipe will be used in my next family gathering. Love these videos more more please

  10. Hi Marie-Anne. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for continuing to make these videos. I enjoy them so very much. I have a question about your course on How to eat like a French woman. I see the price is $200. Do you pay the $200 at once or do you pay monthly in installments? I having been wanting to invest in the course for a while. In the meantime I will be watching every video on the topic until I can take the course. I’m looking forward to trying out some of these wonderful recipes. Stay well🌸

  11. I appreciate this video Marie-Anne! this is giving me ideas on simple easy appetisers to make! the items you featured are some of my favourites! Thank you!

  12. I enjoyed this video very much and am going to try your recipes for aperitif. They are all simple but look delicious. I especially liked the spiced nuts and cheese sticks. Nice to branch out into
    lifestyle videos. Thanks Marie-Anne!

  13. This video has made me hungry! It all looks delicious. Love that dress. It’s my favorite and it looks beautiful on you.
    Hope everything is well. Love from USA. <3

  14. The apéro looks delicious, I completely forgot that I used to do it. Time to get out the rosette de Lyon, olives cheese and crusty baguette and moutarde de Meaux my favourite. Thank you for sharing and reminded me.❤️

  15. Fabulous video. I feel like making all your appetizers right now. 😁
    In the states we tend to do a lot of dips. Do you have dips that are used as appetizers in France?

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