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🌱 Fast & Easy Seed Germination: How to Start Seedlings from Paper Towel Method (Container vs Baggie)

Pre-sprouting (pre-germinating) is a great little hack to quickly sprout your vegetable seeds. This tip is fast and super easy. It improves germination rates and …

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  1. Ideal temperature is 65 to 75. Over 85 might kill the seeds. Soak overnight and let them breath. Jars are the most popular and cleanest method for the first 3 days of sprouting. Make sure you get a lid that allows rinsing. Keep them in the dark.
    that will simulate the soil. There is no light underground. Light is needed around day 4 when the plant reach the surface. No need of growing medium first 3 days.

  2. Great video dude, i also have some questions about seedling. I have been planting water spinach and decide to branch out. So i try planting stuff like chives, mustard green, celery and pak choy. But there is a problem, for some reason they grow fast and look healthy for a few days and then they seem to get stunted and start to yellow. Then they start to wilt for reason i can't seem to understand. This have happened multiple times and I'm not sure why. Can you help?

    Also is this setup supposed to produce an awful smell whenever you open it? Also the setup works great except for celery for some reason. They just don't germinate as far as the other plants i have listed and have a roundabout 50% germination rate which is pretty awful for 3 month old seeds in my opinion

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