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🌴 100% coconut oil soap for bathing – 3 ingredients – no stick blender soap

This is a simple recipe for 100% coconut oil soap that can be used for bathing. Coconut oil soap is well known for its great lather and strong cleaning power, but …

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  1. That was a pleasure to watch. I began making my own soap simply to get a really pure, uncoloured, unperfumed product with as few ingredients as possible. I use olive oil and, funnily enough, have made the chrysanthemum ones – my mould is a set of six of the same flower, which was given to me by a lady who was giving up making soap for charity. I also have moulds that make the rectangular "slices" – no block mould required. I will definitely make these with coconut oil. I must admit the lye thing terrified me at first, but a couple of simple precautions is all it takes and it's so simple. At some point I will graduate on to making lye from scratch with hardwood ash, just to be able to pass on that knowledge and those skills. The only question I have is how to get a bar that doesn't go a bit "mooshy" after a few uses. Does coconut oil set up to give a firmer bar?

  2. I tried your half sized reciepe but with sunflower oil: 420 g sunflower oil, 117 g water, 57 g Naoh in a hot process method for 50 minutes but it doesn't look like a soap… I even tasted it and got a zapp! Too much lye? Don't know what went wrong

  3. Lovely soap!! I just wanted to mention based on my soaping experience with coconut oil soap…

    The soap loses .5oz water per month during the cure. Therefore, a 6-7oz soap bar, takes 4 and 1/2 months to fully cure. I don’t know why it takes sooo long for water to evaporate from coconut oil soap, but it does. It may be harsh and drying to the skin if you test the soap sooner because that lye water hasn’t fully evaporated.
    Just my two cents… 😻

  4. I start making my Own home made soaps for my accomodation, so I don’t need to buy one.
    Thank you for making this video. I been experimenting and my first soap, I over mixed it but it still good then now I am on my 10th Times of making different soaps and experimenting scents from essential oils and fragrance oils
    and also the colours of my soaps and so far so good.
    It cleanses skin without drying. I use 7% super fat which I find perfect, it cleanses so good and moisturizing at the same time.
    Normally, I used Virgin olive oil, Virgin Coconut oil, Raw and unrefined shea butter, Cocoa butter, cold pressed hemp seed oil, castor oil and OMG, it is so good, I even use it to my face.
    Thanks for making this video. I still always watch your video even now I know How to make soaps.
    Forever grateful to you Elly and to those who are fabulous soap Makers that I followed! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I Love you!

  5. Hi Elly, trust you are good and safe. I tried this recipe I could make only 10 pcs. Also I used stick blender for blending, mixture became very thick at the end of pouring last soaps. I want to know where and what mistake did I do. Can I use these soaps for bathing after 6 weeks? Safe on skin?I must admit that I love every video which you have made so far, I have seen all. I have started to make soaps by seeing your videos, which simple n exciting. God bless you !!!

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