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Just some ideas for how to SAVE on SNACKS, or make SAVVY SWAPS to keep our grocery budget in check and still enjoy our …

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  1. 🌟I know snacks aren't a necessity, but for a lot of us, they're something we'd like to keep in our grocery budget. What are YOUR tips for saving on snacks? Leave me a comment! ⬇⬇⬇

  2. Great tips .
    I usually keep oil in small dollar tree spray bottle . It’s great to save money and no mess especially for the muffin pan
    I also flavor my own yogurt with vanilla and simple syrup

  3. My son is obsessed with popcorn. We switched to strictly kernels now after seeing your video before Christmas. I got that bowl for him for Christmas. Best gift ever! I just buy it off Amazon.

    Our snack staples are the flip yogurts. They are getting crazy expensive! So now I am only buying a small amount unless on sale. Thar is our biggest snack staples. Otherwise fruit or I make muffins and other snacks.

  4. I bought myself one of those silicone popcorn poppers from amazon after I saw yours on one of your videos a few months ago. It works amazingly! Very reasonably priced also, and it comes in lots of colors. Those peanut butter brownies looked fantastic, and I love that they're made from pantry staples!

  5. My mom used to make ranch oyster crackers all the time when I was little and I loved them! I tried finding a good recipe online to make them myself but none of them were as tasty. She finally scanned her recipe card from the 80s and sent me a copy. Just as delicious as I remember! Hers don't need to be baked though.

  6. Just had to tell you thanks! I made the yogurt with lime drink mix, white chocolate chips and crackling oat bran. It is awesome! My husband loves it, he said it's better than the chosen! Thanks again!

  7. I definitely go for more Convenience since my husband and I work full time but when we are at home we get the bigger bag of snacks to save the little bags for school lunches. I also really try to stock up when it’s on sale or in bulk! I loved this video thank you!!

  8. When my girls were in middle school we couldn't afford 2 type of tortilla chips for their snacks bc they never agreed on flavors so I bought 1 bag of plain tortilla chips and used the cheese powder from mac and cheese and shook some of it over warm microwaved chips for one of them and added a couple shakes of chili powder to the cheese for chili-cheese flavored chips, now there is ranch packets we didn't have then, so there's another flavor
    Your ideas for the lime yogurt was brilliant! I add a little instant coffee and Ovaltine to plain yogurt to get close to the Tiramisu flavor I love.

  9. The only crackers I like is the cinnamon Graham crackers. My grandma use to give those to us when we would visit but their hard to find. My favorite chip would be Doritoes any flavor but spicy. I bought potato chips that I've not had but heard their good, we'll see. Their brand name is UTZ. I love yogurt but only strawberry. Not a fan of popcorn unless I'm at a movie theater. Not really ever been a snack person. Mom use to let us have a bowl of ice cream with a glass of pop if it was on sale, there are 5 of us kids.

  10. Just a little note to make you smile. We adopted a cat last week and my daughter named her McKenna. She said that we watch your show so often that we needed to name the cat McKenna.

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