🔥 Armadillo Eggs | A Quick & Easy Appetizer Recipe | Cooking With Chef & Pitmaster Orelle Young

Armadillo Eggs | A Quick & Easy Appetizer Recipe| Cooking With Chef & Pitmaster Orelle Young | Barbecue | BBQ This Is Rocks Productions …

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  1. 🇺🇸 Armadillo Eggs make the world a better place, as do Scotch Eggs…the British version of them I suppose 🇬🇧. Don’t forget to tap that 👍🏾, share, and subscribe if you are new here. Please have at it and go crazy with the recipe, f**k it…wrap it in bacon 🥓

  2. First and foremost, it’s an honor to have such talent subscribe to me. Secondly, you’re way under rated and deserve way more followers than you currently have. Finally, I’m looking foreword to recreating some of your dishes!!

  3. very interesting Chef….Jack's uncle would love these….he lives in Texas and he is not plant based like we are hahaha….we are going to forward this to him for sure…..have a great day sir!

  4. hey chef go ahead and give us those secret tips you got lol!!! but good recipe those armadilo eggs looks delicious..i could just eat everyone of them!! love jalapenos and cheese together

  5. The recipe was not at all what I thought it was going to be. They sound delicious! We're camping right now but I can't wait to try them later. Dropped a like.

  6. That duck looks nice but I came here for those dillo eggs. I don’t want your fucking secrets! I’m currently in the process of creating my own seasonings, I need another month, I’m here to beat your dillo eggs!

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