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  1. Aww man. Those Daily Harvest smoothies and foods looked so good. I was excited to subscribe (to try & happily support you) but of course they don’t ship to Hawaii! 😩 hopefully one day soon 🤞🏽

  2. Hey friend! So, Corinne and I were watching this together and are totally excited to try some of your recipes and to check out Daily Harvest! This was a great video, as per usual!

  3. Every time you use that Pampered Chef bowl you made the eggs in, I wonder where the lid went to mine. I used to put mix pancake batter in mine with the lid and into the fridge.

  4. Wow a little expensive for my taste as far as the Daily Harvest goes. But the fennel salad looked great. I have never eaten fennel. I would like to try if someone else made it for me. Oh well.

  5. I've been using your egg bites recipe since I first saw you make it (with cottage cheese lol). I usually vary the protein and different veg (onion, pepper, etc..) chopped up finely every time depending on what's in my fridge/freezer that needs to be used up. I make a few dozen at a time and freeze them in packs of 2, so I always have a healthy go-to breakfast to heat up 🙂 Thanks Jen!

  6. That turkey patty recipe is so similar to one I got from sun basket last week. I had the exact same thoughts as you about the onion and feta. I must’ve been channeling Jen. If I make again I will use onion powder or cook then cool the onions before mixing it with the turkey. I didn’t care for the crunch. And the feta was a good addition to the salad. The recipe I had said to cut the sweet potatoes thicker so they could be the buns for a turkey slider.

  7. Working from home since March, I just in December, became comfortable with my new routine, realizing in 2021 that will probably still be the case. I fought feelings of isolation, loneliness, depression and extreme boredom when work was slow, heightened hyperawareness/focus when work is super busy (I prefer it that way, ha!). All of this to say, I fought the "new routine" up until August. Then, I decided to 1) Start WW. This reinvigorated my love for cooking (I have an AAS in Hospitality/Culinary Arts). So I have found great joy in watching your channel. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. You have also made me think about going back to school to complete a BS/Master's in Healthcare Management; I'm non-clinical, CPC, and have worked in medical billing for 16 years. I've been thinking about this for a few years but maybe this year I might pull the trigger. So far I'm down 40lbs and have more energy to cook & clean my house. I frequent a local small business, Chef Shoppe, that I LOVE and spend way too much money in, and over Christmas, made Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls for my brother's Christmas present. It was perfect. All of this to say for anyone reading this, is that healthy meal prep is a game changer and I am now thankful for the "downtime" I have at home to prep these things. I used to think of it as a chore; now it is fun for me again. I oven bake a large package of chicken breasts and then I don't have to worry about cooking chicken the rest of the week; I just heat it up in the microwave. I then use vegetable steamers like Bird's Eye, for sides, again in the microwave on the night I want them. I also love cottage cheese with pineapple chunks (in 100% juice); I grew up on that. So, easy meals, again not a lot of work, but loving the process of preparing and cooking. Thank you for reinvigorating my love for cooking!! ~Sara from Wood River, IL

  8. Jen, I’ve never seen purple sweet potatoes! Will have to look for and try.

    Also, I don’t see the name of that Cooks Illustrated cookbook. Cook you post it for me or alter your info page to list it? Thanks.

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