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1.5 liter of milk = 500 gm of ghee recipe | homemade butter, ghee – full cream milk | ghee from curd

full recipe: ghee recipe using milk | butter recipe using milk …

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  1. Kudos to you for showing the labor and love of making authentic Ayurvedic buttermilk and ghee. That’s how we’ve made it in our towns near Udupi Mlore for years! 🙌🏼😍👌🏼

  2. good video of the process, but the heading is a bit misleading! so 1 week's cream is not from just 1.5 litres of milk , its 1.5 litres each day multiplied by 7 days – and so 10.5 litres of milk has given you 500 gms of butter – which again is fantastic, but do correct it so that there is no ambiguity….what do you do with all that yoghurt??

  3. My mom she used to do on a daily basis, she used take out the thick layered milk after boiled in a separate container and store it in a refrigerator and it becomes butter, after boiled it becomes ghee

  4. Pure cream is in white colour not in yellow , milk is not pure because from past 15 years I have buffaloes but no one day I have seen cream (malai) that thick and also I have not seen that dark yellow colour in cream

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