1 Breakfast Board. Endless Combinations!

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  1. Beth you should be on tv. You should have a whole show. You’re so warm and accessible and your food looks delicious. You balance homemade and store bought so well. And as a viewer you can see how passion you are about food

  2. I love to make my scrambled eggs with the French method. I think that is what it’s called. My MIL told me about it. Slowly and constantly doing a figure 8 with a whisk on very low heat to make a creamy egg. It actually helped satisfy my cheese cravings when I tried taking dairy out of my diet. I lasted 6 whole months without cheese. I hope to never do it again, but it made me love that way of making eggs! 😅

  3. Honestly I just love watching your videos. It’s so satisfying and the food is also sooo good! I’ll definitely make this for the family.

  4. Hi Beth. I need your help with something, I’m in charge of hospitality at my son’s school and for teachers appreciation day coming up I’m planning to make “high tea in a box” I need to make 30 boxes and for that reason I would like to make recipes that can be made ahead if possible. I also would like to pack all the boxes in school the night before so in the morning when the teachers get there they are all ready. So far I know I will be making scones to have with butter and jam and I think I will make French macarons since they freeze well but I’m having hard time with the savory dish/item. I know tea sandwiches are a must but since I plan on packing the night before and won’t be refrigerated I don’t want to risk anyone’s health. That’s where my question is for you, what do you recommend I make? You are amazing with your recipes, ideas and all the make ahead to make our lives easier so of course I’m hoping you can help me with this 🙏 I thought of a quiche but I don’t know how they would feel about eating it cold? I have no problem but they might. If you think a quiche is a good idea perhaps share with me what kind would be best eaten at room temperature? I don’t really want to bother you because I know you are busy but I’m sure you won’t mind helping a desperate mom here 😆 thanks in advance Beth 😘

  5. hi Beth, just wanted to post an appreciative comment with you, I love every single video you upload and I am cooking your recipes for years now! and they are always a hit. you are a true gem to me!!! I am vegetarian but I still watch nearly all of your recipes and adjust things here and there. love from Istanbul xo

  6. Beth you are amazing !!! 🥺would you consider making a video of how it’s been since you been tackling all this yourself ? It’s really inspiring to continue what you do ❤️

  7. Thank you Beth for sharing such great idea! We all know about Charcuterie board but why didn’t I think of this… this is so nice for weekend breakfast where all can sit together and get whatever they want .. just like a mini buffet at the comfort of our cozy home . Fantastic idea as you could customise your family preferences on the board .

  8. Hi from South Africa Beth I love all ur recipes & have forwarded most of them to my children to try as well
    What do i Pre-Heat my Oven to for the Cheddar cheese & onion biscuits tku

  9. Oh sweet Beth, every time I watch one of your videos I feel like you a sweet aunt teaching me how to make amazing food for my family! When my boys see me watching they smile and say, "Is Aunt Beth back in action?"😅 They get excited knowing something yummy is coming! We've used so many of your recipes, especially around the holidays. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with all of us. Hugs from Ohio, Chris ♥️

  10. I tried to buy everything but the bag seasoning on the french amazon. 17bucks! So i made my own. Very easy. There even dupe recipes on line.

  11. That is a nice looking meal and one many in New England would love to have and those eggs, bacon, and biscuits is what we love eating here in the Mid-West and probably on the West Coast.

  12. I would add strawberries as a fruit add on. Simple lovely idea. How nice would it be to share this casual breakfast board in the family room with mom don’t forget to bring the newspaper.

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