$1 Instant PIZZA NUGGETS! Easy PIZZA SNACKS / Pizza Rolls! 🍕

Pizza Bites Recipe / Pizza Nuggets/ How to make Pizza Rolls: $1 Pizza Snacks! ➤ SUBSCRIBE to my channel here: …

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  1. Want to make mango mousse and 3 ingredient chocolate cake in 15 minutes?
    My channel has exactly what your looking for and MUCH More fun and easy DIY's, Vlogs and more to come! I hope you enjoy!

  2. oh my gosh i made it myself today and it was amazing i thought for the first time that as its a simple recipe it would taste simple but when i made it tasted awesome

  3. I appreciate all your recipes. We are home schooling and doing culinary. My child isn't so enthused to cook so your quick recipes are my go to. To date we have done your ice cream cake, 2 ingredient donuts (a couple times), ice cream bars, edible water balloons (that was a fun class because dad got to come in and teach the science behind it), Swiss roll, marshmallows, blueberry muffins, and today is your pizza snacks. So thank you again for your easy to follow recipes. Love, a stay at home mom 🥰

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