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10 Amazing Rubbing Alcohol Hacks! (Clean My Space)

Rubbing alcohol is famous for killing bacteria, but did you know that there are many cleaning uses and #hacks for isopropyl alcohol outside of the first aid kit?

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  1. Here’s an important point I hope someone reads – the antibacterial effect/benefits of Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alc, of course..) are greatly diminished the farther you go above concentrations of ~70% Isopropyl Alc (30% distilled water).. The microbial-killing properties are virtually nonexistent at 90% and higher (though still a great solvent/cleaner for electronics and many other things)

    The 70/30 ratio is KEY, this is because the evaporation rate at this mix is such that the Alc doesn’t evaporate too quickly – it takes around 30 seconds of dwell time to rupture the cell membranes of these microbes (kill em) and the higher concentration you go the quicker quicker it evaporates.

    Just to be clear: this does NOT mean buying a concentration of Iso Alc higher than 70% is useless or anything, in fact 100% would theoretically kill germs IF it was used in a special controlled environment where its evaporation rate it greatly altered, however our Earth’s atmosphere is not this environment, hence the need of adding 30% distilled water to allow the Alc to do its germ-killing job.

    It is still OK and even more cost effective to buy the highest concentration that you can BUT it will need to be mixed with distilled water accordingly if you wish to make bacteria-killing mixture.. There are other great uses at higher than 70% concentrations as this vid greatly demonstrated (soooo many uses…!!) but germ-killing will not apply to those formulations of course. This is super important to know IMHO and it’s not as common knowledge as it should be, sadly 🙁

    Hope someone learned something here, and if you instinctively disagree or just want to learn more I highly recommend to please Google this and look for yourself. It may save lives

  2. I use my sleeve, or jacket arm, or skirt….just pull the fabric so I'm not touching that piece. And for elevator buttons I use my knuckle. Make sure you wash often though!😁

  3. Ok, so if I have a bottle of 91% alcohol. I need to dilute it with 21% distilled water to get a 70% mixture? And can I dilute with purified water or aloe vera?

  4. Not sure if this is a helpful tip.. but I try to hold my hands up like a surgeon in prep.. to keep reminding myself to not touch surfaces or at least think about alternate ways to get around – esp in restaurants or areas where you have to navigate through multiple doors to get in and out of the loo.

  5. if I have absolutely no choice to use a somewhat very disgusting public toilet. I won't even sit on the seat (I'll squat) even after I've wiped down the seat (lol) and I'll flush with my feet to not touch the flusher.
    Since I've had my daughter and now that she's somewhat a little too heavy for out tiny Minnie mouse travel seat. If there's a sink and soap in the same stall I'll take soap on toilet paper too give it a quick wipe down since she's can't squat down. There's are some of my "gymnastic". 😉

  6. I have noticed you have a purple colored dish soap on your counter in several videos. What brand or how do you make it? Do you like it as well as Dawn?? Love your channel!

  7. New to your channel and really REALLY enjoy your hacks. Thanks 👍 Question: can I use alcohol on glass stovetop? What do you use to clean it up? Do you have a clean your stovetop/oven video? 😬 not my favorite chore

  8. warning, alcohol might strip eyeglass treatments! ie anti-dust, polarizer, anti-reflection. deorderant: better than rubbing alcohol is a half and half mixture of vodka and white vinegar.

  9. Thanks Melissa
    So many useful videos and uses for rubbing alcohol.Question what percentage of alcohol do you use when you make disinfectant?

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