10 British Desserts We Should All Be Making • Tasty

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  1. Only three of these were British, the mini Victoria sandwich cakes, the scones and for some reason the un-named steam pudding and custard which they neglected to mention is called spotted dick…… Can't think why😂👍

  2. I've not heard of a lot of these and scones jam then cream though I know that one is debatable but growing up in Cornwall it was alway jam 1st then cornish clotted cream

  3. ok y’all. who tf cares if it’s british or not? stop hating. they’re just trying to help you bake. i can’t find a single comment that isn’t hating on them. so please. stop.

  4. Actual British desserts:
    Victoria Sponge
    Spotted Dick
    Bread and Butter Pudding
    Eton Mess
    Banoffee Pie
    Apple crumble

    A simple google search would have saved you a lot of embarrassment

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