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10 EASY Air Fryer Recipes for BREAKFAST → What to Make in Your Air Fryer

Ready to start using your air fryer for breakfast? Today I’ll show you 10 different ways you can whip up breakfast in your air fryer! Learn about my Air Fryer …

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  2. Could I ask please, how long is it safe to keep Baby Ray Sauce. I’ve made some but have a lot left over which I have put in a sealed container in the fridge. Your videos are brilliant and I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. I thought the purpose of air fryer is to eat healthier but these recipes are terribly fool of fat , sodium , definitely not healthy food !!

  4. Not impressed . We got the Philip , it’s fine for frys and onion rings but for other foods I like better the Breville toaster oven or the skillet . Also you have to make batches and it’s quicker instead bake in the oven . The chicken drumsticks were crispy and dry and cannot compare with the taste of those I cook in the oven . Airfryer size is too small for the majority of dishes . Airfryer is for people that don’t like to cook and don’t care how the food taste . I guess I am too picky . Lol 😂

  5. just prepared your bagel recipe…. so easy and they look so good ….cant wait to try them i am going to make egg & bacon bagel sandwiches for breakfast … in the morning… before golf outing… i sprinkled everything bagel seasoning on it … after brushing them w/egg wash…
    they are so soft feeling and golden brown…

  6. Hey i love that you are seeing comments and replying to them. I wish you can save me big my issue is that the stuff i put in my air fryer does turn crisp and all but doesn't turn the golden brown it should 🙁 i put spring rolls in there for 10mins on 200 degree celsius n even turned them once in a while. No use! I brushed some oil and then put them for 10more mins just for the color. No use again. I wish you can help me

  7. Today I made a whole chicken with homemade sofrito, diner blend seasoning and some hot sauce in my new air fryer. I’m loving this Cosori!! I want to make frittata. I like to add tomato confit to mine. Just ordered those silicone liners. Thanks this videos are very helpful.

  8. I am confused! Starting at 9:40 you said, Whole milk, or Half & Half or even Regular Milk" What do you consider to be "Regular Milk"?????
    As a 71 yr old Wisconsinite (The Dairy State) Whole Milk IS Regular Milk

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