Breakfast Ideas

10 Easy and Healthy Breakfast Recipes! Toast 10 Ways

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  1. Omg ALL of these look amazing!! Have to say I’m a huge tuna lover myself, so the tuna melt would probably be my pick, but they seriously all look delish! 😋

  2. Oh my gosh I’m totally obsessed with toast + breakfast!! The possibilities are endless!!! It makes the perfect “snack/brunch”. I love just your basic avocado toast topped with an egg and salt + pepper! That’s my go-to. I definitely want to try out the smoothie toast 💕✨

  3. I looove all of these ideas!! One of my favourites is almond butter with blueberries and bananas with chia and coconut sprinkled on top and some honey 😊

  4. Video request: you said "some good quality…" a few times in this video. Would you make an educational video as to what defines good quality staples? I get the idea, but I'd still like more info for precision 😊

  5. OMG love to see your video specially this one, everything is just perfect from colors to setup everything. Really nice video you have made. Recently I have also uploaded about how to make Mint Chocolate Ice Cream and would appreciate some support. Have a nice day. ✌️

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