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  1. Everyone must know what to eat to boost their immunity (healthy foods) and stay away from processed foods. To find out how to strengthen your immunity, please visit my channel. Thank you

  2. Please read the full description.

    Listen To The Recovery Testimony Of an NHS Doctor in London, UK.

    He called me to tell me his testimony about how my formula In this my first video

    How it helps him recover from the coronavirus, he said; He felt so bad and said that his whole body was sore and with fever.

    but after drinking the way I prepare the formula, the fever stops. He said he did not want to take paracetamol because his stomach hurts. But after watching my video, he said, why not try this? it could work.

    And he is very grateful for my formula.

    Now with this pandemic, This is very effective to avoid not getting CoVid-19

    I am very happy that this formula is helping so many people, that is the reason why I uploaded my first video.

    Give this formula a try. It Might Help.

    Now, these days I am taking it twice every day.

    You should drink this daily; days before you get sick and this will keep you from getting sick.

    I don't know, if this coronavirus is more powerful than this but, it is better than do nothing.

    This will keep you healthy. it is very effective.

    This is a very efficient and economical alternative.

    This is NOT a medicine that cures coronavirus COVID-19 disease, but it may help not to get it.

    I have used it for influenza and other flu conditions, and it worked very well for me.

    It has also worked for people whom I have recommended it.

    This mixture eliminates the fever caused by infections, removes nasal secretions, and all the symptoms

    All viruses incubate in the throat the first days

    These two ingredients when combined create a reaction that when coming in to contact with viruses or bacteria in the throat, eliminates them leaving the body clean of any infection.

    This mixture if we take it frequently will help us to prevent ourselves from getting sick and will keep us free from all contagion or any other disease.

    This alternative will make your body more alkaline and less acidic.

    Remember that an alkaline body is not easily attacked by diseases.

    The idea of combining baking soda and lime juice draws on the basic principles of acidity and the pH scale.

    Scientists use the pH scale to measure the acidity of a solution.

    A solution can have a pH level between 0 and 14.

    The lower the pH, the more acidic the solution, so:

    pH levels below 7 indicate an acidic solution

    pH levels above 7 indicate an alkaline, or base solution

    Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a base.

    This means that when people dissolve baking soda in water, it forms an alkaline solution.

    For example, a 0.1 molar solution of baking soda has a pH of around 8.3.

    Lime juice contains citric acid and ascorbic acid, has a pH of around 3.

    Adding baking soda to lime juice will raise the pH to produce a more neutral solution.

    That’s why I made this Video to Show You How to Cure and Prevent the Flu, The Fever and Body Ache Caused by the Flu and other respiratory problems, perhaps including coronavirus.

    We need

    A green lime.


    Half tablespoon of baking soda.

    Two glasses.

    Lime Juicer

    Method of doing it and taking it.

    We are going to squeeze the lemon on one glass and put it aside.

    In the other glass, we will dissolve half a tablespoon of baking soda in one or two tablespoons of water.

    First – We are going to take the baking soda (bicarbonate solution) with water trying for a moment to stop it in the throat before swallowing it.

    Second – drink the lime juice immediately after.

    This will prevent you from getting sick with the flu, influenza, cough, flu, fever and many respiratory conditions and even the coronavirus COVID-19.

    This should be taken before or when you just begin to feel the symptoms, to prevent and not get sick; but in case you have already become ill, take it two to three times a day to attack the disease and eliminate it.

    Also try not to eat too much sweet food or sugars, that make your body acid.

    “The microbe is nothing, the soil is everything” Claude Bernard.

    Please do this and share it.

    The more people know about this, the more people will stop suffering. I know it can help

    Thank you.

    God bless you always.


  3. Very very informative video. Need of the hour. Just think: what is the escape route from this Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic? Is it not our own immunity? Everyone has to work on building up immunity. Someday, the infection might happen – high chances…we have to step out of our homes some day, some day soon.

    Our strengthened immunity is the only insurance that will buy time for symptoms to be dealt with until body successfully develops antibodies. I liked, subscribed and pressed the bell icon to continue to get updates. Worth checking this out folks: 8 Immunity boosting lifestyle
    choices you cannot afford to ignore, strengthen your immune system . Stay home, stay safe.

    Please keep posting more such videos.

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