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10 Healthy Pantry Items To Buy At Costco…And What To Avoid!

I finally did it..I went to Costco to do a haul video and show you guys some of my favorite healthy food items, and more importantly, what foods to stay away from.

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  1. Vitamin and supplements are essential for those with autoimmune and severe leaky gut. It greatly improves my life quality. 20% of USA population has autoimmune. Therefore, to say supplements are universally useless is bogus.

  2. Bobby: Explains why you shouldn't buy organic eggs to a random guy for 2 whole minutes.
    Random Guy: (Buys the organic eggs and leaves in front of bobby).
    Bobby be like: Really dude.

    Awesome content though bobby. Cheers for the video.

  3. GMO has no consistent definition from country to country. It is controversial, and even scientists cannot give a 100% sure answer whether it is good or not. How people can say it is definitely bad without any scientific evidence. Plus, genetic modifications happen all the time naturally too. Almost all the plant food we have now is GMO, because they are all so different from their ancestors.

  4. Actually free-range eggs have a higher risk of being contaminated with increased levels of dioxins and DL-PCB than cage eggs. You keep talking that GMO is not toxic and bad for our health, please give us solid scientific evidence (experiments with control group, scientific articles…).

  5. Costco is making America fat because is forcing people to buy in bulk and "eat in bulk" they need to reduce the sizes in half and charge only half (trader's joe is a better option & is helping America to get slim !)……&I only buy organic at Costco (e.g. only pasture raised/organic eggs & if i can trust they are really organic) not that i am rich but anything else is waste of money (most items in costco are waste of money anyway since quality has gone down lately). & thanks to your bragging about low prices on some items, greedy Costco pumped up the prices by 30%. e.g. the almond butter is not $7.99 its over $12 now. the average worker at costco makes $25/hr. so we are paying for some other peoples' lifestyles… come out of this place and easily spend $100.

  6. Yeah Irvine on that box is sad I think they have him on their to sale and give him a cut since his face is on that package. I do wish once his contract is up he make a deal with another company that has something more healthier.

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