Easy Snacks

10 Healthy Snacks That Got Me RIPPED

Join me Chris Heria as I show you 10 Healthy Snacks That Got Me RIPPED. I’ll Give you all the nutritional facts for you can keep track of what your putting into …

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  1. maybe if you have your meals planned you don't need this bs???
    i mean, i eat salad with my main meals, i don't just stand around and say, "I really want a snack, let me eat a salad and i'll be just fine" wtf guys, and the basic wikipedia bs is just stupid, how long can you fall for this nonsense, for real….

  2. So I just recently found your channel 3 weeks ago and your videos helped me lose 15 pounds. I went from 255 to 240 in that time as well. Thank you Chris for the videos. You're a beast 💯 and this video just made everything easier for me.

  3. Good friend, no neuras, no frills ok! I'm your fan! Congratulations! May God bless you a lot, including your family members! I like all your videos and photos friend from afar! You are the man! My name is: Rubenn Dean Paul Alws "Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro" Brazil! Follow me too please!

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