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Snack #1 – 2:13 – Edamame Beans Snack #2 – 4:12 – Chickpea Cookies ( Snack #3 – 5:25 – Tik Tok Wrap Snack #4 – 7:29 – Baked Bean Tacos Snack #5 – 8:33 …

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  1. First time watching you! I like this format! Fun and real. You are such an entertainer!! I subscribed and look forward to more fun & educational vegan videos from you.

  2. I've been a follower for a while now, Rose, and as usual, your video delivers exactly what it promises….cheap, lazy, and vegan. This format is hilarious because it's so real. Your light is getting worse; the camera isn't focusing; you're mixing up your words, and maybe even forgetting an ingredient here and there… this is the best cooking show ever because it's real. I love how you just leave out things because you can't be bothered…it's like you're in my kitchen.

  3. Wow this was awesome and I couldn’t stop laughing but you definitely helped me out since I’m new at this but keep up the great work! I will definitely make those oatmeal cookies for my bf this week! You rock! Subscribed!!! 👍🏼👍🏼

  4. Chickpeas, like pretty much all seeds, have water soluble proteins in them that block most enzymes. Within the seed, the purpose is to stop the seed from kicking in to "let's grow!" mode until the has been enough rain to wash away that inhibitor. Evolutionarily, that tends to her seeds from germinating until a few solid spring rains. In your gut, it blocks digestive enzymes, so the undigested proteins and carbohydrates move on to the colon where your gut bacteria, who have no problem digesting that stuff at all, are only too happy to tuck in and produce methane and sulfuric compounds that cause the bloating and smell.

    So, rinsing your chickpeas will remove some of that stuff because a good bit is in the liquid in the can (because again, it's water soluble). You can reduce the problem even further by soaking the beans in a fresh change of water for a bit, but that wouldn't be "lazy".

    If you want to be SUPER gas free, soak dried chickpeas overnight, pour off the water, rinse, then down then again for another day. Pour off second change of water, rinse, and toss in the pressure cooker for some 35 minutes on high. You'll have buttery smooth, soft chickpeas and no gas.

    Additionally, if you start eating more bulk fiber in general that will help with bloating and gas, as well reducing your sugar intake because your gut bacteria will change their relative populations and you'll favor worries that don't make farty, embarrassing gases as much.

  5. @CheapLazyVegan I'm certainly not here to be the vegan police or anything, but be aware that the Date Palm Oil in Earth Balance butter is extremely environmentally destructive and almost always harvested with slave labor, often child slave labor and often the slaves are also trafficked. Miyokos butter, by contrast, does not use palm oil.

  6. I just want you to know that this pregnant lady just paused the video, went to the store, and bought salsa. I’m now chowing down on a bag of tortillas with hummus and salsa. This is all I needed out of life today ❤️

  7. I did snack #3 (5:36) with a twist and it turned out great! Unfortunately I didn't have any avocado 🙁 
    Instead of Tempeh I used the Yves ground veggie (I seasoned it with nutritional yeast and garlic salt then fried it on a skillet) then when I put it in the wrap I add a lil mustard on top. Haha. I can definitely see these snacks saving me when on those long study nights in the future… thank youu

  8. I love your idea of Eggy tofu.
    I would recommend you to watch a video of of "khari daal" South Asian usually make dry lentils like that. Its very similar to your last recipe but you can make it better and have better flavor.

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