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It seems like people have been increasingly embracing a vegan lifestyle recently, especially many celebrities who advocate for a plant-based diet. Lizzo is …

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  1. Here we are 2 sisters from Australia who went vegan 4 years ago of the benefits from my son, Bret on a plant based diet. We can't tell you enough how it changes your life. Rosslyn & Megan

  2. My brother as been told by his doctor that he have too much sugar and glucide… So he basically told him to cut carbs completely and eat only meat and vegetables… Wtf is this nonsense !? I know that he need to go on a whole food plant based diet but he would never listen to me. I think he prefer being sick than change his habits… :/

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  4. Plant-based is good for us at some points in our lives or if we can't keep meat intake to 20% or less of our diet. However vegan activism is just dumb and a bunch of faux-science propoganda. The problem is not meat eaters vs vegans. The real problem is greed, over production of food, and food waste. Companies make for money if they sell us more food. Doesn't matter if it's meat, plants, or fake foods. Places like California are in drought and on fire from all the damn water it also takes to produce your vegan nut milks, cheers, and tofu! If humans don't eat animals, animals still eat each other. It's called laws of nature. Final note, I don't believe Lizzo has been a vegan or vegetarian for years. Maybe on Mondays. Body positivity is when you treat your body like the vessel that houses your spirit, as God designed it to be. If the spirit is filled with greed, it will reflect in the physical body in some way. Whatever is is the spirit gets manifested through the body. Garbage in, garbage out. Wholesome in wholesome out.

  5. Stuff like this makes me feel incredibly guilty. I have a serious health problems. I don’t have most of my intestines anymore. No colon. I can’t eat raw fruits or vegetables. I can’t eat most cooked fruits or vegetables. I can’t have beans or legumes. I have to be extremely careful with how much fiber I consume.I can’t really eat anything to be honest. I have three ensure plus a day and one solid meal which usually has some kind of meat in it just to keep my digestive system going. I used to be a vegetarian but I literally can’t anymore. And I hate it. It doesn’t feel natural to me but I don’t know of any other options that I have. Also with the disease that I have being as severe as it is, I haven’t been able to work regularly. I can’t afford A live-in dietitian or nutritionist or chef like these celebrities do to help facilitate their diet. And all the dieticians and nutritionists that I have dealt with in the hospital have given me a very clear instructions on what I can and can’t eat and they have been right so far. My body just doesn’t tolerate it. One other thing: I was plant-based mostly raw for about six months right before the flare up of UC that led to the removal of my colon( a life saving surgery). I have zero doubt that eating too much raw food exacerbated my illness. I wish there was a solution. I can’t stand consuming flesh of any kind.

  6. I‘ve been vegan for a few months now and lost a few pounds, but it‘s not really welcome because I‘m already pretty skinny, due to a fast metabolism. I try to eat more but I‘m still often hungry. Do you have any advise on this matter?

  7. Animals should be raised happy, free to roam, reproduce and experience to the full their own natures. They can be shot in the head at the right time with no pain or fear, after being separated from their kin so they too are not startled. My father would pen a steer overnight, having removed it from the paddock and shoot it while it was eating some hay. Killing an animal isn't pleasant and because humans are higher animals, we have a responsibility to be good stewards and not be cruel. People have always eaten meat and they always will. It is in our nature. It is unnatural not to eat meat. To not eat meat is a strange form of self punishment where you are doing penance to pay for your sin of being a human being, due to self hate. I am so sorry for all of you but especially for your children because you are preventing them from being the natural creatures they are designed to be. Meat production does not need to be cruel and the cruel forms should be made illegal. People like myself, who love animals for their wonderful natures and also, particular ones for the additional aspect of their delicious taste, the satisfaction of a well and carefully cooked meat based meal and for their nutritional value, will never bow down to this new semi religious fanaticism that demands we all deny our natures and eat plants only. Punish yourselves as much as you want, deny yourselves but you will not deny us what we are. Thank you.

  8. I think that certain people's metabolism (as cruel as it may be) simply CANNOT handle carbs. I would give anything to go "common sense vegetarian" but I am pre diabetic, and can only stay healthy by limiting my carbs. I have found a few veggie burgers that ARE low carb, but I have to be realistic and know I cannot last on eating only 8 or 9 different foods day in and day out. It is not fair. However, the bible clearly tells us we are not meant to eat meat. Period.

  9. Hi all I’ve tried to go vegan a couple of times I feel amazing but after a couple of months I would become weak, I have anemia could this be an issue? I feel my best eating meat once a week but I want to stop eating meat, I know I’m a hypocrite but I feel awful when I see animals hurt.. any advice would be appreciated🙏

  10. I went vegan four months ago and I love it. I gave up red meat years ago and dairy has never been in my diet. I only wish this lifestyle was more affordable for me as a single mom, but I make it work. No excuses.

  11. Mya 🤗 💫 Shoutout to RZA and honorary mentions to Adore delano and jaden smith 🤙🏿👊🏾
    For. Me personally the short time lve been vegetarian has made my IBS more manageable and my periods have been much less painful. I can't say for sure if this is 100% linked to my diet change but it did happen within the same time frame. I've always suffered with bowel problems when l ate meat and fish so l had to drastically reduce it over the years. This year l found it very hard to eat meat. So l ate less and went for more veggie options (I WAS SURPRISED HOW MANY PLANT BASED OPTIONS THERE ARE AND THEY CAN BE SUPER DELICIOUS.I found some great local vegetarian restaurants too with lovely people.) At the start l had huge cravings for chicken.,lamb and fish but since May its definitely gotten easier to ignore the cravings because again my appetite wasn't as big anymore. 6 months vegetarian here. I hope it carries on. 😇 Obviously l want to be able to eat a lot more meals to get my weight back up but l don't think being vegetarian automatically means you're skinny cos there's vegetarians and vegans with some weight on them so that's something l'll try to figure out as l go along. Last year l only managed 3 months vegetarianism so yeah it's a huge achievement. 🌿

  12. My wife and I went vegan 4 years ago after watching What The Health. My bad cholesterol and my liver levels were extremely high and I couldn't lose weight and I just didn't have any energy. So after watching that documentary we tried the vegan lifestyle then after a few months I was off of my cholesterol meds, had more energy felt happier and my sex drive went through the roof. I'm never going back to eating meat and dairy. Plus I'm happy that I'm not contributing to the destruction of our planet and our animal friends.

  13. Vegan eating style has allowed me to not get sick; it is a means to prevention of sickness and being on medication. I am more aware and in tune with the needs of my body. For example, if I do consume something that doesn't agree with me, I can pin point it immediately and eliminate it from my diet.

  14. Idk if I can do vegan but I definitely AM going vegetarian.. I don't do dairy, I don't like eggs, I use I can't believe its not butter, the wine I drink is Mya's planet 9 but I am trying to learn more about it to know if I can because I want too!

  15. I think going vegan changed my mind the most. I went vegan before I ever changed my ideals on eating animals. I tell you, once you go vegan, your mind starts to grasp a whole different outlook on reality. It could also be all the eye opening vegan content that I started delving into as well. We tend to watch things that align without current outlook. So, if you do vegan first, you’re probably more likely to watch all the vegan expose content out there. And your mind will be blown s

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