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  1. A Doc. isn't concerned about the shown results where are more then a few values that are on the lowest or highest point of the range.
    Both of them have also been eating a vegan diet for 10 years now, purely by chance. Nightingale I hear you singing.

  2. Please bring Dr. Nagra back soon! I would love to hear more opinions and research from more plant based doctors, especially those who are still involved in daily practice.

  3. Personally I think recommending a blood test b4 going vegan will be just another excuse to not go vegan. Just go for it!!! Eat whole foods, limit oil, eat a balanced variety. And get the blood test after you've been at it awhile. Keep the transition simple. Also factoring in cost. Many are already daunted by Veganism maybe being a bit pricey. Then tack on an expensive blood test. I don't know. In a perfect scenario, sure. But for most just GO VEGAN!! ❤🐷🐮🐔❤

  4. Fellow Canadians, where do you get your blood tested? It seems quite easy to do in private clinics in the USA, but here in Quebec, I honestly have no clue where I could get that done 🙁

  5. DEREK, I actually loved this, as I have my last physical's results at hand. While the units used were different, it's not hard to interpolate and convert. My results, after being Vegan for 2 years (after 29 years lacto-ovo), were that I was deficient in D3, but that was mainly due to me being a night owl, sleeping during the day, and inside al.ost all of the time. I started going outside more with the dogs, god for us all, and exposing my torso to sunlight for 5 to 20 minutes a day, as well as picking up a 1000IU supplement I take 2 to 3 days a week. It wasn't that I wasn't getting D2. I eat tons of 'shrooms and D2 fortified plant milks, plus other sources of D1. It was just being inside all the time.

    As for the rest, my B12 is just under 300, without supplementation, again, due to the fortified plant milks. My LDL is slightly better than yours, but your HDL is slightly better than mine, putting us very close in our ratios. You exercise, while I take Prevastatin. I used to exercise, but depression and my HIV meds make me feel unwilling most days. Before I got sick, in 1996, I was working out three or four days a week at a Bally's. If that asshole who knew he had it hadn't lied to me, I would be an amazing example of human health today. As it is, I'm just an example of someone living with undetectable HIV, due to meds that make me sick, for just over 23 years now, i.e., the first year and a half, on the first two meds, which sucked, I still had high viral loads and low T-cells; protease inhibitors saved my life. Perhaps it was being vegetarian that helped. I also didn't smoke tobacco, and drank only about once a month. Now, depressed, I took up smoking last year, and I drink daily. And my bloodwork still looks like an amazingly healthy Omni of 25. At least there's that. I am hoping to live to see the cure, so I can quit these meds, and live to 120. Only 68 years left to go! I best get busy, because the first half has largely sucked. Details can be seen on my YouTube and FB accounts. But leaning heavily Vegan the entire time I was lacto-ovo, and then making the leap after widowerhood, that may have saved my life, while I had friends die all around me. I don't have survivor's guilt. I have survivor's lonliness. Sorry to have gone there. This was meant to be a happy post. After all, I'm still here, and there are still new friends to make. The recent pandemic has gotten to me, emotionally. But I've had my first shot, awaiting my second early next month, and my husband, mom (73, working at WalMart), and sister in law (an E.R. nurse) have all had both their shots, and all are well. So, to quote an old movie,

    "There's a light…
    (over at the Frankenstein Place),
    There's a light….
    (burning in the fireplace).
    There's a light,
    in the darkness
    of everybody's heart."

    And with that, I'm back to feeling glad to have found your channel, and your positivity. See? You didn't realise how much you mattered, did you? Most people will never tell you. Asperger's sucks, but it also allows me to be simply honest.

  6. I exercise pretty regularly (mostly cardio like walking, running, biking). My resting heart rate is usually around 50. But I just got blood test results back and my HDL was 31 mg/dl. Need to figure out what I’m doing wrong!

  7. Dr. Nagra is great! His explanations are clear and concise. I'd love to see him more on your channel. I'd be very interested in his views on some of the items we all eat—ie peanut butter, coffee, jam/jelly etc. If he feels comfortable talking about specific nutritional items it would be great! I stopped drinking coffee because, although I am pretty strict about being a whole food plant based vegan, my LDL was always slightly high (but still under 100). I think it was because of the oils in coffee (5 cups/day). I now drink a coffee alternative by the company Teeccino and I truly don't miss coffee. This is amazing because I was a life long black coffee drinker. I love peanut butter and pretty much stayed away from it but have been adding it to my diet recently. I hope it doesn't spoil my cholesterol numbers (total <186 mg/dl or 4.82 mmol, last I checked). I know you like peanut butter too. I wonder how you think it effects overall cholesterol numbers?

  8. This was such a great video and that Dr Matthew explained in more detail about the levels. Do you know which B12 is better absorbed between Cyanocobalamin or Methylcobalamin?

  9. I get B12 acne too, thankfully my levels are around 550 without supplementing consciously (I also use non-fortified nooch) but they sneak 1000mcg into everything these days. Multi Vit? 1000! Iron supplement? 1000! Mushroom blend? 1000! Enjoy the acne 🤦🏼‍♀️. I really appreciated hearing about the WBC though, mine is a typically just below the ref range and I never had an answer until now.

  10. good episode here! Helpful to see a professional's analysis certainly. I wonder if More Plates More Dates will do a review of it lol. Incidentally, I thought the testosterone vid was interesting also, and I thought More Plates More Dates was overall positive on that one too. Hopefully it got you more subs and views too 😀

  11. I heard methylcobalamin doesn't aggravate acne. My skin is acne prone but I don't see an increase if I take methylcobalamin 🙂
    Btw, I LOVE this format when you include a doctor who actually goes through the results!

  12. This was SO informative!!! I recently got my bloodwork done and was going through my results and taking notes. I feel like this should be a conversation every doctor should have with their patients. Thank you so so much for sharing!!💚🌱

  13. Thanks for posting this video. I just got my blood tested last month after being a low fat (no oil, no mock meats, and very very little avocado, coconut or high fat vegetables) vegan for almost 2 years. I'm a 61 year old male, before going vegan I was lacto ovo vegetarian for 39 years. I was pleased that almost always my results came back within the reference range. My LDL was actually lower than the range, sodium was low, RBC was a little lower than the ref. range. PSA screening was in the lower part of the ref range, also had a cologard test that also came back with no abnormalities. It was great to see the doctor go through your results and explain them, thanks! I'm super happy with going vegan, I love the food I eat now!

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