100 Calorie Poppadom Snacks | Jamie Oliver

Straight out of Jamie’s Everyday Super Food book these four delicious and nutritious snacks will satisfy your hunger at just 100 calories …

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  1. I made pappad his style 30 seconds in the microwave and while I liked the crunch and the taste I noticed it was extremely crazily salty. I've never had anything saltier in my life.

  2. REd wine vinegar and White wine vinegar is highly acidic, instead substitue with apple cider vinegar which is alkaline. When your body is highly acidic you are more prone to life threatening diseases. Read a book called the China Study and do your research. If you have life threatening illnesses, don't believe everything you see as healthy, really being healthy.

  3. I love this episode! Poppadom's are awesome!. I usually fry them lightly with a little bit of ghee butter, and then use them as taco shells to make a vegetarian asian taco (filled with kale, olive oil, tofu, sirracha, soy, etc.)

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