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101: Beginners Sourdough Loaf, Start to Finish – Bake With Jack

Thanks so much for your patience! This is by far the most ambitious video I’ve made. This is your starting block to amazing sourdough at home, from here on in, …

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  1. Dear Jack I followed your recipe for my first sourdough loaves. I used a wholemeal spelt started as had no rye. The crumb wasnt as good as yours, but I didn't really expect it to be…not really knowing what I am doing 100%. Anway just to say thanks…I find your advice and knowledge a great boon. 🙂 I was going to send a pic, but dont know how too. Lol

  2. I’m very new to the world of sourdough so ty for your videos, the thing that surprises me the most is how little sourdough starter you need to build your amount for baking, hard to believe things are alive in the bits of scrapings😊

  3. Jack, this might have been a difficult video to make, but it is a great success for teaching me how to get 2 loaves of sourdough out of my oven. I especially like how you repeat important instructions. Turn it out upside down. That helped me so much. I'm a new baker at 62 and you make it fun.

  4. Forget about Superman or any other super being… here’s a big cheers to the “BREADMAN” and I mean, the GLOBAL bread man. Happy bread baker from South Africa. Started with Jack’s methods and his starter “tricks” and I’ve never failed a bake. It’s going from excellent to exceptional! Thx Jack, you rock the “breadworld”

  5. I have a question. I would like to make a rye loaf out of this recipe. How would I break up the individual flours? I came up with 500g-bread flour, 300g-rye flour, and 40g-whole wheat. Is this correct for eh ratios?

  6. So many videos and I was going to give up making sourdough before I even started. I was intimidated.

    But watching your video gave me hope that it's at least something I could execute. And I don't have to coop myself at home for the entire weekend.

    Thank you!!

  7. Hi Jack. Loving your straight forward approach and videos of sourdough baking. If I wanted to bake the bread after putting in the banneton how long should I wait for the final rise at room temperature? Also why don't you cover your banneton's in the fridge? Does it make a difference whether to cover or not in the fridge? Thanks for your help and hello from Sydney Australia.

  8. I am commenting to an older video, but great great instructions. I have been baking or attempting to bake sourdough loaves for several months. I actually started and had an interest before all the lockdowns. I just wanted to have the ability to have a dinner social with friends or family and present a bread with a story.
    Okay… Jack… Great JOB! So the FOLD into the WET SIDE of the dough never connected with me until this video, and it was a game changer. It truly developed my crust, and stopped the dough from sticking to the proofing bowl. And the actual loaves suddenly had that magazine level look. The ear was reaching for the sky!

    Now my goal is trying to throw a dash of old grain in to drive robust flavors. You know… a little experimentation.

  9. Just made my first sour dough from this recipe. It's the best bread I've ever tasted. Thanks for your time putting this together. The only problem I have now is the kids keep eating it.

  10. Thank you, Jack! I so appreciate this tutorial. If I wanted to have a seeded top, could I put a layer of seeds in the proofing basket and spray the dough lightly before I put the dough in?

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