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12 Kid Friendly Weeknight Dinner Recipes

Have hungry kids at home and not sure what to make for dinner? Well here are 12 kid friendly weeknight dinner recipes that will leave your children’s bellies …

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  2. Me watching this at 15 •__• “I wouldn’t like any of this” I’m such a picky eater I gag smelling certain foods I don’t like (onion for example) I don’t like any veggies, some fruits, spicy stuff, most spices, certain ways you cut meat, ketchup, different types of cheese, certain types of meat and they way it’s cooked (and more) but it’s sad because it’s embarrassing (like at a restaurant for example), it’s hard to loose weight, and sometimes I get tired of the food I eat but I have no other options that I like so it gets annoying

  3. I'm guessing all those people who are complaining saying how unhealthy these ideas are do not or have never ordered a takeaway for the family or eaten at McDonald's/KFC etc??????? Lol am I missing sumit here 🤔

  4. As a kid I thought id be cool to rate the meals

    Creamy Ranch Chicken Pasta – ew.

    Pizza Burger Dogs – yummy but it would taste better with out the sausage.

    Sheet Pan Cheesy Chicken Enchilada – whats with the sause just eat the chicken with the rap bread id taste really good that way!

    Sheet Pan Cheesy Chicken Enchilada – yucky yuck yuck but id eat the bread plain it looks yummy.

    Buffalo Popcorn Chicken Pasta – no no.

    Bacon Wrapped Pizza Stuffed Chicken
    – no thanks but id eat the french fries tho.

    Pizza Corndogs – i dont like ham and what is ur problem with pizza?????

    Chili Mac And Cheese Lasagna – why just no

    Fajita Chicken Roll Ups – yuck.

    Ramen Fried Chicken Tenders – the ramen was fine just make ramen plain but u had to grind it all up. rip ramen 2020-2020

    please dont hate im just a picky eater!!!

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