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$130 Healthy Trader Joe's Haul & Meal Ideas!

Hey, Hi, Hello You GUYS!! We have another healthy grocery haul coming your way becuase of COURSE I go in for 2 things and leave $130 later….story of my …

Custom Keto Diet

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  1. Done with exams aka finally able to catch up on your content 😍☺️ I missed watching youtube videos – especially yours! I just love your sense of humor and content in general ❤️

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  4. I'm at the point now where I like your videos before even watching–I know from following you over the past year that it's guaranteed to be good content! Now excuse me, while I go and watch this video!

  5. Omg…you guys crack me up. I couldn't understand what the heck Matt was saying…but the moves were price less! All I could make out was oysters and it sounded like the air fryer dude's voice😂 you got me hooked on those Medjuul dates…i still haven't frozen them yet…i eat them as soon as a make them they are like a chocolate caramel😋 I also love tuna…and I too make it with Greek yogurt, I add red onions as well but don't get grossed out but I love to add green olives with pimento and sometimes capers. I just got everything bagel wraps from QVC (love) and I toast them in a pan and make a tuna salad wrap. I also make a smoked salmon, red onion, cucumber, and a cream cheese schmere wrap! Glad to see that you are enjoying your internship…see ya on the tube.

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