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14 Organic Fertilizers and How to Use Them

Bone meal, bat guano, gypsum…what ARE all of these organic fertilizers and how do you actually know WHICH to use, and HOW to use them? Enjoy this …

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  1. Got blood meal for my snake plants, robellini and bird of paradise. These are potted plants in my apartment.
    I repotted two snake plants with cactus soil and blood meal and may have been heavy-handed, then mixed some soil and blood meal and used as top soil for the other two, again heavy-handed.
    I removed as much top soil as I could because bird of paradise and the robellini palm are my favorites and I personally don't want to hurt them.

  2. Such invaluable information! Thank you so much for putting it in such a direct no nonsense video!
    I found Strange Beast hard kombucha at whole foods recently and had to get some thanks to your garden bed give away. They are just the best after a hard day of gardening 😁👍

  3. Tons of fantastic info in this vid! Thanks so much Kevin! We own a few horses and they eat good quality hay and pellets. I know horse mature may not be the best for gardening. How would you recommend I use our horse mature? Compost it first?

  4. Thank you! This was such a helpful and informative video. I just wish I hadn’t gotten so busy and watched it sooner. You reminded me of something I found really interesting. I was watching a wildlife documentary where they talked about how in Canada, they have these amazingly tall, healthy trees and it’s believed that because bears catch salmon and bring their dinner into the forests for some shelter and privacy while they eat, that the parts of the fish carcasses left behind give the trees lots of nutrients that allow them to grow so well. I found an article on this if anyone is interested:

  5. very very helpful video…do you have something similar, fertilizers for container gardening? would be good to know how often and what to do for growing veggies, fruits, and flowers in pots.

  6. We use aged horse manure from a local stable and throw it in my compost bin and in a year it has had time to decompose further. I mix that with old potting soil that I used in my containers and sprinkle in the worm castings and viola it’s prepped.

  7. I have quite a few bottles of assorted vitamins that have expired from having overordered…can i add them to my plant soil or not…i hate just tossing them in the garbage..

  8. Hey Kevin, I'm growing some lemons and limes from seeds. Do you recommend fertilizing them during the germination period? If so, what kind?

  9. What are your thoughts on a video I came across about planting a whole raw egg in the bottom of your container then add your plant to fertilize?

  10. Awesome video! So I'm new to gardening, I saw someone elses video about using ash from a campfire as a mulch to add potassium to the soil. Anyone know if this is a good idea or any experience with this?

  11. Thanks for the breakdown. I’m losing my mind over filling our new beds (four 4×12 beds). We have a base of cardboard, leaves & branches – then topsoil, compost, coco coir, vermiculite & perlite I watched your videos on filling beds and all these components. Now this video on fertilizer is very helpful but anxious that what we have will be overkill – we have Espoma: blood meal, bone meal, garden manure and garden tone. You stated that we should wait 4-6 weeks but we probably should start planting soon (zone 6B central NJ, May 15th usually is the best time to start). Do we mix it in with the soil mix or lasagna garden, or wait for end of the season, or add gradually as the season goes? Any help would be appreciated!

  12. I love ALL your videos! I also watch a guy that goes by "home grown veg" over in the UK. He collects sea weed each fall, chops it with his mower, and mulchs it over the winter. He said as long as you are NOT collecting for commercial use, just home use, you can take all you want!

  13. Interesting watching from an other country, we do not have this much to choose from. We mostly have cow and chicken manure mostly blended with peat in bags just like soilbags, pellet form is getting a little bit more common but is still a bit hard to find. We also have bonemeal and bloodmeal. I have seen worm castings once in a tiny bag maybe a half gallon. Then we have a bunch of "rose fertilicer", "vegetable fertilizer", tomato fertilizer" and so on both in liquid and small pellet form, mostly about the same maybe some slight wariation in npk.
    Never seen bat guano, cottonmeal or kelpmeal (there are blends with kelp but not pure ones), we have alfalfa ofc but not in a garden store, you have to go to a store with animal feed.

    There were a huge scandal with liquid organic fertilizers killing mostly tomato plants because of some pesticideresidue in "vinass" (couldn't find a translation), the residues was well in allowed limits but tomatoes especially were sensitive, companies had to recall everything, only thing left in the market was one based on kelp.
    Thankfully you can manke a lot of fertilizer on your own so I try to do that before buying.

  14. I’m vegan and I didn’t want to use any animal products in my gardening. When my dad suggested picking up some cow manure for our small vegetable garden I rolled my eyes and said I’d get a better fertilizer. I had no idea what I was doing and just ordered the best rated organic vegetable garden fertilizer I saw and it ended up being a blend of bone meal and chicken poop HAHA. Yeah I’m an idiot but you live and you learn and you know damn well I’m still using that stuff because every penny counts hahaha

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