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15 EASY FREEZER MEALS For Instant Pot or Slow Cooker

We LOVE Freezer meals in our family. These can work both in the Instant Pot and the Slow cooker! If you are a beginner or you have been cooking for awhile, …

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  1. love these meal ideas!  I usually go the easy route. im a hospital worker(Tech partner) with not much time in my day when I get home. these recipes will go well with veggie sides and fruit! thanks for the idea! hubby and kids will love these.

  2. I love it when mention how long it takes for ( instant pot / +/ slow cooker)😘♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. I had a question about the Pork Chile Verde. I was unable to get more than 2 pork roast at store because of limits on meat during this covid mess. I have a pork tenderloin. Do you think I could use that in place of the pork roast? It is a smaller cut of meat and not as much marbling. Also, when we go to cook these meals in crock pot, can the meat still be semi frozen when put on to cook for the day or do they need to be completely thawed? Thanks!

  4. Love the video, I will reference it again and turn it into a drinking game while I'm prepping. Every time you say Krogers take a drink, every time you say instant pot take a drink… this will add some fun to the prep

  5. I see I’m not the only one annoyed by no mention of cooking time in the ribs recipe. Other things that would be nice are quantities. How many pounds of meat? What size "whole bottle" of sauce?! And quick release or slow release? You’re giving great recipes but be exact.

  6. Love this channel. It's changing my world-I'm a newlywed and my husband loves all these hearty meals as well as I. Thank you. BTW the chicken and dumplings Instapot recipe from another post was amazing!

  7. 1. The one on the right said, “costed,” twice! 2. The one on the left not only scrubbed at her itchy nose, her pointing finger tip went in her nostril a bit. Yuck, before covid-19. Lordy. Get it together ladies. Yeow! I’m 4:37 minutes in. The pineapple should’ve made me give up. But I’m bored. So I’ll continue on…

  8. I wish to find recipes that are better for my allergies and stomach problems. Can't have tomato or onion products or most spices, Seasonings & sauces. Although I really like this video I wish to find recipes that are easier to alter for my tummy troubles and allergies (no sauceseasoning). Sometimes I watch a recipe and notice the only thing I'm allowed to have in it is the meat. Any suggestions on where to find freezer recipes that people like me are allowed to enjoy. I really love the freezer meal concept. My family likes these recipes. even though I can save time making sure my family is fed and happy. When I put their food on the table I got to figure out what to feed myself. & because we are busy a lot most of the time I just skip meals.

  9. TBH, I love all the canned already prepped items that you use. There are channels you can watch that teach you to raise, kill, butcher and cook your own chickens, and that's fine. Or how to grow a garden and eat super healthy without any chemicals. That's wonderful.
    I smoked for 20 years. I've put shit in my body that would make a vegan have a heart attack. Don't care. I want quick good food, and if it has some industrial chemicals in it, I'm ok with that. If you aren't, that's great and wonderful. Go search YouTube for 'homesteading tips for vegans' or something. 'quick and easy instant pot recipes' probably aren't gunna do it for you. And that is ok, we are all different.

  10. Thanks for these great recipes! Can’t wait to make them! Just a couple questions if anyone knows. Do I do a quick release on all these recipes? Also for the ribs what‘s the cook time?

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