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15 Foods I ALWAYS Buy Organic and Why

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  1. Hens kept in captivity for their eggs are unhappy period. Same goes for the entire meat and dairy industries. Trying to soothe your conscience by telling yourself you’re buying “free run” is still supporting horrible industries which are damaging for the animals, your health, and the earth.

  2. Here is a recipe for you. Well there s this cafe in brunswick maine called wild oats and they have some wicked good food! Well my favorite thing there is there curry tempe salad. I just made it last night at home because they were closed when I got out of work. It is vegan mayo, tempe, salt, curry powder, red onion, pepper, cranberry's, fuji apple and if you want chopped walnuts or chopped almonds you can put those too. I put a little honey over the top. I know that is not vegan but I eat it for health and I love the taste.

  3. I always buy organic tofu. Tomatos, romaine and coconut. Those are thing I try to get organic all the time but if I can't then im ok. I am mostly vegan and gluten free. I find a bunch of foods that are those thing are also organic. I am coming clean and saying I dont buy organic frozen veggies. I go to the dollar tree and get my veggies there. I am going to try out going corn free this summer but I dont know because im already gluten free.

  4. Just wanted to say for some crops GMO is very necessary to protect from certain crop diseases that would otherwise destroy these crops

  5. Great video! one of your videos you were eating rice cakes. Do u choose organic rice cakes too or conventional one ok?
    Would like to see the next video on non organic products too!

  6. So I am so happy I watched this video for a very strange reason. I have dark countertops and have been wanting to paint my cabinets light but was worried it would look weird. But the dark handles on tours make it perfect! Love it 😁

  7. Could you do a video on different ways/ recipes to cook/ use sweet potatoes? I struggle to find a good go to way that my family enjoys. Thanks!!!

  8. Hey Nikole! What kind of oat milk do you buy? What stores can you buy it from? I live in Ontario too and I can't seem to find any at the major grocery stores! I'm halfway between London and Kitchener so not close to GTA.

  9. Great tips!!! I always buy organic meats! In Mexico we don’t have that many organic produce but it’s good to know what to look for! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  10. I would love to see a video all about sugar. The different kinds of sugar and if they’re really any better for you and ways to cut down your sugar intake. For example, what is one of the better jams to buy?

  11. I agree on organic eggs. I used to buy the cheapest eggs and ever since I switched to organic I have realized how much better the organic taste. I also sometimes had an upset stomach after eating the cheap eggs and so far have been better with the organic eggs and even crave them more.

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