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15 minutes instant breakfast recipes | quick & easy morning breakfast

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  1. First of All, so many Recipes are being shown on YouTube, where Curd n Rava is mixed n salt is added. Also this mixture is heated. But please go n check on Net about what Ayurveda says about Curds.

    According to Ayurveda, Never add salt to Curds n also Curds should not be heated. It loses all the good Probiotics in it.
    If you want to have Curds at night then add Black pepper n sugar n then have it.

    Too much Oil is used in this Tadka.

    All of them showing the same recipes too. 😂

  2. राधे राधे इतना तेल खा कर तो आदमी वैसे ही मर जाएगा बिल्कुल घटिया रेसिपी है यह

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