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Hey dolls! Today I have a $150 Trader Joe’s Haul that is DAIRY FREE!! Plus, I share some easy and healthy meal ideas!! SUBSCRIBE! ⭐️My Amazon Page: …

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  1. I always get super excited when I see you upload Trader Joe’s hauls. Those cookies though ugh so amazing. I always have to tell myself only 2 or else I will eat them all 🤣 if you love the tropical punch kombucha try their new one that’s passion fruit and tangerine!! We just got some of them in the Bay Area and wow soooo good!!!

  2. Do you like having a Jeep? I am thinking about getting one but I am not complaining sold. How bad does the Jeep shake when you go above a certain speed? Also how often/cost do you fill up for gas?

  3. Trust me when I say….pair those corn dippers with some peanut butter. Just do it. Sooo good.

    Also! Be careful with the eucalyptus in the shower! It can make the floor of your shower a little sticky/slimy & it’s easier to fall.

  4. Try the TJ’s almond cheese. I absolutely love it. It does have a 1% trace of dairy if you’re not vegan, it’s definitely an option.

  5. Great haul , You should try the jicama wraps , great for tacos took me 3 trips to TJ to find them (always sold out 🙄), but finally found some yesterday , so worth it , also love the Rústico bread , great for avocado toast

  6. I used to live in Cali right down the street from a Trader Joe’s. Now I live in NC and have to drive 2hrs away to just to shop at one. 😭 love your vlogs!

  7. You got some great stuff. Those corn dippers are so good, I love fritos too; they had (or have) an elote mexican style too that are so good and I definitely have used both for nachos 👌🏽. I haven’t seen the watermelon sparkling juice but I did pick up the strawberry. That peach Bellini is so good and low key creeps. I got the mango one for my Mother’s Day brunch. Thanks for sharing; I didn’t even know they had the eucalyptus-definitely getting that next trip.

  8. They can still charge you for the bags. It's up to the store if they want to or not. I live in So Cal and was charged at 99 cent store but Target didn't charge me.

  9. That peach Bellini drink is bomb! Perfect for a day drink and the cowboy caviar is great too!! Love your hauls! I started shopping at Trader Joe’s about 2 years ago now because of your vids!

  10. Hey Doll, l love ur food hauls. Happy Mother's Day, u do have a son. Hi Leroy! 👋. Thanx for the constant content! Stay safe out there dahling! 🥂

  11. My husband and I are going to Trader Joe’s tomorrow. I haven’t been in almost a month. I’m am so excited lol I am out of everything! I’m sure we’ll have to wait in line but it’s well worth it.

  12. Omg! I got the turmeric shot in my recent trip and Giiirrll 🤦🏽‍♀️ it wasn’t the business lol. I love the ones from Jamba Juice! How do you like the ginger shot??

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