2 Easy Keto Appetizers in a Ziffy | No Stove-top Cooking Keto Recipes

These appetizers are so easy and equally delicious and fulfill all cravings of hunger whether small or big. And the best part is they don’t require any stovetop …

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  1. Thanks God I found your channel… I’m Latin girl and my boyfriend is Hindu and I want to cook more Indian food but we’re keto now and I didn’t know how handle it 😅 I’ll make all your recipes from tomorrow… stay safe! Regrets from NYC

  2. My God. Want to come n live with you. Amazing u r. Pls tell us a bit about when u started this Keto and if u lost weight. Curious to know just. Lots of love from Amsterdam. Xxx

  3. Lovely dear ❤️. yesterday I prepared keto daal makhni and my family liked it so much. Thank you for making our keto journey quite easy. Now I wait for your keto Friday dish.

  4. I salute you for the effort you put to bring the video every Friday. Every week I wait eagerly for keto Friday video and you never fail to disappoint your viewers 😘. I just had a request if you could new video on keto main course dish. I have been running out of recipes these days and a bit bored eating paneer now 😔.

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