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20 minute Spinach and Sun Dried Tomato Pasta | Easy Vegan Meals

If you love pasta, but don’t like a lot of prep and long meals, then you will love this simple 20 minute spinach and sun dried tomato pasta! ⁣ ☆Recipe☆ Get the …

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  1. Just wanna let you know I tried out your vegan penne vodka recipe last night and let me tell you.. it was the BEST thing I’ve ever made and the BEST “vegan version” of anything I’ve ever tried. Trying this one next, thank you so much for these amazing recipes!! Is there any way I can support you guys like do you sell a cookbook or anything? I WOULD BUY IT lol

  2. It makes me sad that I can’t make this ! We don’t have vegan parm locally. I won’t be making the hour long trek to the closest Whole Foods for at least a week. Typically I would have to order online. But this looks amazing! Davita

  3. Wow! I am a newer subscriber and so this is the first recipe video I've seen. I am SOO impressed with the FAQ at the end and all of the info you gave!! I am loving your channel!

  4. This looks yummy but I’ve got to ask how can you say this is healthy?

    It’s basically a cream cheese sauce which will be high in fat. Surely this is more of a delicious treat meal?

    Thanks for all the great recipes! 🙂

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