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2020 Ramadan FAT LOSS AFTARI Diet Plan! (Hindi / Punjabi)

Ramzan Mubarak! Every year we try to bring you a diet plan for Ramadan. This year we tried to do something different. Hoping you will like this effort. Make sure …

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  1. 27th night is looked for Lailatul-qadr!! It's not sure if it falls on d same night!! Prophet used to look for it in the last 10 days!!
    Coming to my question, plz put some videos on workout in Ramadan!! And also if I'm taking protein in d morning and evening how about post workout drink?

  2. I just take one plate of fruit chart in sehri and one plate fruit chart in aftari, i just want to lose 5,6 kg in Ramadan. Is it OK? or i have to change my food?

  3. superb, sunny paaji you just boost me with your speak. and yes thanks alot for diet plan. paaji ek chota sa sawal can we drink water while workouts post ramdhan also.

  4. Hey bhai ji in Pakistan hoty 34 to 40…. Te fir hun… Last Ashra is important as in bonus to get from creator Allah bless uncountable as in Quran state not any fiqa… Simply find odds number nights… It can be 29 Chand raat too

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