2020 SUPERBOWL CROCKPOT APPETIZERS | SLOW COOKER APPETIZERS Hey guys! Today I’m sharing 5 easy crockpot appetizers that are perfect for the …

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  1. I’m sorry about the recipe links! It was brought to my attention they weren’t working. I have to shorten the links before I place them into my description box and sometimes the links don’t always work on some of the shortener sites I use. I used a different shortener and they appear to be working properly now! Let me know if you have anymore problems 😊

  2. At a good pizza place the cheese is put on top of the sauce and then the rest of the ingredients that you want on your pizza. There may be a few shreds on top but it is not the cheese on top that is the correct way to make pizza.

  3. I'm glad I ate before watching another one of your video's! Next month I am going to try your kielbasa recipe, and add to it! If it turns out half way decent, I will try to email you that recipe so you can try it! Peace and Love! xo

  4. Hello we would love to see you post your great slow cook recipes i. our facebook group search Slow Cooker Recipe Crockpot Group … We have over 22k members … If you do live postings even better…. Thanks

  5. Great video but that music is something I have nightmares about the computer voice singing is pretty bad. Seems every cooking channel has the exact same repetitive computerized music.

  6. Ok that first one right off so good but you dont even need 2 waste making a mess in your crock pot with that one just add your butter brown sugar into a bowl pop it in the microwave for a few seconds then take it out and add your pop corn and whatever else you wanna add into the bowl and there you go and it takes way less time

  7. I really wanna try the popcorn and the spinach dip! They look so good! Another recipe u should try for the Super Bowl is buffalo chicken wing dip. We live near buffalo and that’s always very popular at parties.

  8. Kelly OMG those recipes looked so good and easy gotta try them especially the spinach I 💙💙💙💚spinach dip also . I'm going to make some soon thanks so so much 😇🤗

  9. Hey Kelly, I’m a mother of three picky eaters and I was wondering would you happen to have any kid friendly crockpot meals? if so I would love to see a video of it !!! 💗

  10. These look so good!
    I’m going to have to try out the popcorn one for sure! I’ve been on a big marshmallow popcorn kick which is marshmallows,brown sugar, and butter melted in the microwave and pour over microwave popcorn 👌🏻I don’t know if you remember my honey bun phase I was in but I have replaced it with marshmallow popcorn 😆

  11. These all look delicious!!
    We make a similar Spinach dip, in the crockpot, we call it Florida Dip. We had it for the first time in Florida, that’s why the name lol!
    All ya do is grab a bag/packet of the
    Knorr Vegetable Recipe mix (It’s found by the boxed Onion soup and stuff) and on the back is a Hot Spinach recipe! We just make ours in the crockpot and serve with crackers and Garlic toast!!

  12. Ooh these are great! Appetizers are one of those things that when I need to make them, I have no idea where to start. And anything I can cook in the slow cooker is a win win!! 😊 Thanks for these!

  13. I really enjoyed this video it's just getting me more excited for the Super Bowl mainly just because the love of family and friends hanging out and watching the football game so thank you so much for sharing this!

  14. We’re also making some appetizers for the super bowl. Thanks so much for sharing these Kelly. They all look so yummy especially the bacon cheeseburger dip 😋❤️

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