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2021 LOW Calorie & HIGH Volume Grocery Haul + Quick ANABOLIC Recipes

Today I take you an extremely low calorie, high volume grocery haul to Publix and show you all the best things to buy when you are trying to shred fat and gain …

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  1. Btw you can add a little bit of greek yogurt, so you only need half the amount of light mayo as before! (personally i think it tastes just as great and it makes this even more anabolic)

  2. Im at a point where i no longer come to you tube looking for short cuts, im now obsessed with videos like these, vidz that are gonna improve my diet and easily maintain my calori deficit and enjoy foods that keep me satiated and keep me away from extreme cheat days, thank you

  3. Tell me why my mind is blown by mixing the turkey and beef. Thank you! Also, I too love tuna salad. I usually use half of a small avocado and lite mayo for the creaminess (1:1 ratio), then add salt, pepper, diced red grapes, and diced celery. But I’m a female and do fine with slightly lower volume higher calorie when I’m not starving, so maybe the avocado wouldn’t work well for you.

  4. “watch out for the dressing in the salad kits”

    me 👀 eats dry salad because i don’t like dressings anyway “noooo problem” 😂

  5. Thanks for the video Joey, I was a bit surprised to see you promoting beef as a positive food choice. Don't you think the environmental impact makes beef a bad idea?

  6. Hey new subscriber 👋😊 starting my journey at 240 in hopes to lose 70 pounds! Love all the options and tips you gave! If you love tuna (and mushrooms) you should try this : in a bowl add a can of tuna, scoop or two of mayo, half of a small white onion or more if you prefer, green onion, salt pepper, pinch of garlic powder, stuff that into two portobello mushrooms. Sprinkle cheese on top and put it in the oven for about 10 minutes until the cheese is golden at 350. So delicious!! They reheat good but definitely best out of the oven! Let me know if you try it and how you like it! Thanks for sharing your tuna recipe it looks delishh!

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