$21 dollars and Under with Heather B. Drinks and Appetizers!

3 Cucumbers Total for both recipes (striped, cut into round pieces, then cored out.) Tuna Cups 1 whole and 1 half of a cucumber 1 can of low sodium albacore …

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Been looking for an everyday rose'. I love Moet's Rose' but the price… Great idea for the cucumbers as well. Enjoy you on Shade45 and SiriusXM Fly!

  2. Hey Heather B!!!
    Im super late to SirriusXM, therefore today is my 1st time listening to your great Happy Hour!!
    Congrats on getting to meet Patti! Cry if you want to!!!
    Ive been watching you since the best Real World ever made!! The Real World OG!! I have to know do you still keep in touch with Alabama Julie??
    I loved that she had that experience.
    Peace and Love!

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