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278 LBS of Meat | Butchering a Moose

We process the cow moose that Arielle harvested from our 2020 fall hunting trip. Along with cutting roasts, steaks, and grinding …

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  1. That's the way we process our deer. Field dress, skin then hang outside and spray down to freeze/semi freeze overnight. Eat breakfast then process in the morning. Meat is so much easier to handle, trim and cut.

  2. So interesting how to fat just changes color. That doesn’t need to be water bath or pressure canned? Hint, when you’re filling the 1 pound wild game bags, fold down the top 2 or 3 inches, it I’ll be much easier to pack with meat, and cleaner when you’re sealing.

  3. Love your channel! Would love to live in Alaska, but the wife does not tolerate cold.
    I noticed you were hand packing the burger meat. I do my own grinding also (deer and wild pork) but a handy tool I found was one of the stuffing tubes that apply directly to the grinder. I do my first grind like you do then put the stuffing tube on, slip a bag over the tube, and place the second grind directly into the bags. A lot more efficient in my opinion. As a suggestion: don’t buy a plastic stuffing tube, get metal. It will last longer and prevent hassle.

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