3 CHOCOLATE DESSERTS! – Healthy & Easy 🍫Rawvana

3 DESSERTS WITH CHOCOLATE! – Healthy & Easy Rawvana RECIPES + HOT COCO: We ALL love …

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  1. You're out here living your best life and inspiring others to live a healthy and cruelty free lifestyle and people really taking the time to negatively comment on your cute ass top? Can't relate

  2. I love it when women express themselves with no shame, being born in an Arab culture being shamed all the time is hard to grow out of. I love the fact she can dress as she wishes with no shame or self-consciousnesses. You go girl I wish I had your courage xxx she looks very festive and ready for new year party 🎉

  3. With the editing….. a little goes a long way – not too many camera angles soo often and the loud music – I Looooove your content though . but the editing has really gone up way too much and the content is good as it if it doesn’t need flash stuff

  4. Must try Carob, has no caffeine, has a lot of vitamins and taste just like chocolate if purchased on in chips. Buy in bulk at WINCOS big grocery store. The closets to me is Pomona Ca.

  5. I'm going back to vegetarian. I'm 61 and will keep going on to vegetarian and then mostly vigin. I have been working on my better Life as a helth mineded person for at least 30 years.I started out good but I started drinking coffee,boy was that a bad idea for me. I'm glad to say that I'm coffee free now but still fight with tea. I'm hoping to give it up for good after my next 10 day you so much ravona and please give me some richard.

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