Easy Snacks

3 Delicious Healthy Snacks

Snacks don’t have to be unhealthy to be tasty. Let’s look at some examples of delicious & health-promoting snacks. Subscribe for more free nutrition and health …

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  1. vegsource claims that all plant fats should be avoided since they can cause a lot of diseases as well as the animal fats.. is this true ? I mean nuts have a lot of important nutrients for us vegans

  2. If you cook a potato and then refrigerate, when the potato is cold, has the starch changed to an unusable or difficult to digest form?

  3. I have IBD and u have changed my life bc you approach nutrition with evidence and so many examples of how easy it is to have a plant based diet! I was never convinced i could ever do this until I watched your vids…and I have heard about plant based diets for over a decade lol! Thank you immensely for taking the time!

  4. Hi Gil,
    just wanted to mention that I started to collect and comment the references in your videos and spread the word with some hardcore science-based nutrition facts.
    Keep up the great work, it's really inspiring!!

  5. You need to add bananas to make a more creamy ice cream.

    If you use 90 or 99% dark chocolate (very little fat zero sugar or dairy) and you can make date sandwiches. For those that dark chocolate is too bitter.

    Super high in calories so use as a sauce to drizzle over. Tahini and honey mixed together about 50/50. Try not to eat by the spoonful. Use as sauce.

  6. more lazy option but tastes as good, put a whole peanut and pistachio instead inside :):) tastes the same less work.
    Thats the snack i eat, but i eat it with apple. for some reason, it upgrades the taste like 500%

  7. I've been living in Mexico City for a while and one kind of popular snack here is… grasshoppers. Reading about the nutrition of insects, they seem to be pretty good for health. What do you think about this topic?

  8. I like to add walnuts to almost anything…oatmeal, fruit, toast with peanut butter… I keep some in a small hand grinder so they are always ready to go.

  9. Pistachio are so expensive when you understood you only have half the weight to eat because of the shell and raw ones are extremely expensive and not so easy to find, they are very different and much better than the the hard roasted ones…

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