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3 EASY and AFFORDABLE Instant Pot Dinner Ideas – Instant Pot Recipes

We are all about easy meals, but making them affordable is even better! These 3 recipes are a breeze to throw together, and taste delicious! We have 1 Instant …

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  1. Hi Kristan and Kendra. Fantastic meals, I like them all. That mac and cheese looks soooooo good, and simple too. Thanks for more great recipes and tips… Hugs. Claudia

  2. Hi ladies, I'm new to the instant pot world and love your video tutorials. I discovered this neat tip by accident!!!

    When I realized I couldn't add the broccoli during cooking, I added the uncooked broccoli right after I vented and replaced the lid for 5 min. There is enough steam left in the pot to cook the broccoli perfectly. ☺

  3. Need help? Has anyone used the instant pot outdoor. I want to get a power inverter but which one to get modified sine wave or pure sine wave. I'm not getting a straight answer from the instant pot company. I dont want to spend more than i need to any help would be appreciated

  4. Instant pot sisters…..a year's worth of instant pot meals I scrolled through. I get being busy but, let's be more versatile. It's a lot of quick stove top recipes. This is just lazy and uninventive.

  5. Hey Kristen! If I use 2 family packs of wings, how much time would I put them on in the Instant Pot? I want to cook them tonight so, can you please let me know as soon as possible? Thank you! Hey I also would like to know where to buy the Teriyaki sauce and what is the name of it.

  6. Wow that is only about one serving for my husband (6 wings)! Can you cook more than 6 at a time because it would be a waste of time to cook 6 then do all over for another batch. Oven I can make a whole sheet tray and cook and brown at same time.

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