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3 Easy & Delicious Breakfast Recipes | Keto Friendly | 2021 | The2Orchids

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  1. I have recently started watching FlavCity YouTube channel, where he teaches us about good oils versus bad oils, good sugar substitutes, and to read the ingredients label on the package to get the cleanest foods into our bodies. I don’t follow his recommendations 100%, but rather use them as a guideline. I recommend him.
    Happy Spring!

  2. They all look delish! Lov'n the berry ones! Looks like fun. We REALLY enjoy cooking videos. Just wish all these tacky ads placed throughout your videos would vanish! Ads are super annoying and very interruptive. One cannot jump ahead either. Ugh !!!

  3. It is soo good to see you again Lauren. You too Karen of course. Thank you both for making this wonderful channel. I love how you make videos of so many different topics. I love to watch them all. ~ Kristin

  4. Loved your recipes!! Definitely going to try them!! I need to get back on Keto and need new ideas!! Please share more and what you eat in a day please!!! Thanks

  5. The muffin looks amazing will be making these for sure. I love the pretty little white plates you served them on. Would be really yummy if you added a little lemon zest or some dark chocolate chips. You girls are hilarious in the kitchen. Stay safe and healthy my sweet friends.

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