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3 EASY DELICIOUS VEGAN BREAKFAST RECIPES! Healthy gluten-free meals ideas, VEGANUARY 2020

3 easy and delicious vegan breakfast recipes, they are all super simple to make with an option for meal prep! Great to add to your menu for Veganuary 2020 …

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  1. Need to remember to break/grind those chia seeds, you cant digest whole seeds. They will just go right through you and you will not absorb the omega 3 fatty acids. Coffee grinder or a blender will do the job.

  2. That's amazing vegan breakfast! I am vegetarian and i can understand how difficult would it be to Vegan! But such delicious dishes help a lot 🙂
    Liked your channel so much. You are so pretty!

  3. You prepared all the dishes like you are preparing fir the runway, simple elegant and feast for the eyes
    I will add this to my playlist planning to make as well, since am using flaxseed and oatmilk a lot for vegan dishes

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