3 Easy DUMP AND GO No Bake Desserts

I’ve had a lot of requests for easy desserts so I thought I would Share my favorite ones with you! These 3 desserts are not only delicious but they are no bake …

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  1. Have no idea how I got here. But cool that they got so many likes! Don´t know why I liked that but.. So I pressed like as well, even tho just watched enough to write this😉👍 Good luck Six Sisters. ..Where are the 4 remaining sisters?😋

  2. Our family called this ice box cake and we made many diff versions with different flavors of pudding and different varieties of graham crackers (plain,chocolate, cinnamon grahams) Our favorite had alternating layers of choc and vanilla pudding

  3. I made the eclair dessert for Easter and my kids looooovvveeedd it. My oldest son is addicted to it. He asked me when will I make this again! Thank you for sharing your mom's frosting it tastes amazing. I will never buy store bought chocolate frosting again

  4. My aunt use to make this recipe. She would take a can of chocolate frosting put it on the microwave
    for a few seconds until it is runny and then pour it over the top. It sets back up when you put it in the refrigerator

  5. When looking at the "printable recipe" I couldn't find an ingredient list for quick easy reference, nor was there any indication of measurements, meaning I had to come back and watch the video again to try and find the amounts. Also Oreo's are sold differently around the world, what weight/size is a "whole" package? A bit inconvenient with these difficulties for something that is suppose to be an easy "dump and go" recipe. Looking forward to making it though, it sounds delicious.

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