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3 Easy MEAL IDEAS that will Wow Everyone | Cooking with Wine

Hi Guys! Here are 3 dishes to WOW everyone this week. I know it’ll be a super busy week leading up to Christmas, so we’ll keep it …

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  1. I’m not a mushroom person but when I was introducing solids to my daughter I minced up mushrooms and cooked in lots of butter and garlic to make a mushroom ramen dish. I tried it and actually found a way to get mushrooms into my diet. I’ll have try your recipe too!

  2. I love mushrooms! Have you tried Mexican mushroom soup! Super easy! Sauté onion and garlic, add the mushrooms along with some thyme springs and two chiles de árbol. Add enough water and chicken bouillon along with an epazote spring, let it simmer for 30min or so and it's done!

  3. Everyone in my family (including my picky son) love mushrooms. I make risotto in my instant pot all the time. I like hydrating dried porcini mushrooms and use them in my risotto. I also love using mushroom powder (homemade ground up dried mushrooms of different kinds) in it. Maybe you could try grinding up dried mushrooms so there is no actual textural problem. I also add ground up mushrooms to burgers and things with ground meat. That is how I trained my son to eat mushrooms. He had no idea they were in there.

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