3 Easy No-Bake VEGAN Dessert Recipes

Whether you’re a vegan or you’re trying to eat healthier, these 3 no-bake vegan desserts are just for you. They are vegan, raw (no cooking requires), no bake, …

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  1. i love to use several kinds of dates, like iranian delicious and fresh various dates.
    and why that much of coconut oil?! it is an oil! not water, better to reduce it!
    and raw sesame is not good as roasted one

  2. i think it is good to know the root of things we use in our food, the culture and the ways of using them, like tahini here, it s a really heavy paste, it is good to be used with honey or organic syrup of grapes or carob or dates, it balances its dusha and makes it digest better, and for daily use, about 1-2 spoon of tahini mixed with 2-3 spoon of those syrups is enough!!! and whit wholegrain breads that are easier for digestion sys.

  3. They look delicious sounds healthy but not… I'm Asian we used coconut oil everyday in our food which caused of hypertension and hyperacidity if used in that amount.

  4. You had me right up until the one cup of coconut oil. Read what the Harvard Medical Centre says about coconut oil: "Coconut oil has a unique flavor and is best consumed in small amounts, as a periodic alternative to other vegetable oils like olive or canola that are rich in unsaturated fat."

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